Answering the question: How to change my life?

how to change my life

How to change my life?  To honestly answer the question: how to change my life, you need to know how accurate the foundation of your beliefs is, and if those beliefs are those you think they are, or probably are artificial ones that serve specific purposes. Erin Pizzey is the woman who opened the world’s first […]

The guardians of the walls. How Denialism sets the ground for new problems to come?


Denialism, the guardians of the walls.    During the writing of this article, the operation “Guardians of the Walls” is in progress.  The story repeats itself and is not the first time that we saw similar actions and reactions from all sides involved in this crisis. Denialism is the actual cause of the conflict.    […]

Seek escalation – VIDEO

seek escalation

In relationships seek escalation. Stop being the nice guy and chose to be you the one that increases the tension. The natural route for relationships that do not escalate in your favour is either to escalate against you or to end and die. Not seeking escalation in relationships is the natural progression of the education […]

Why I started this Blog? A written article.

a written article

A written article.    This Blog and website were supposed to start on the 1st of January 2021. Almost five months later, I post my first article after countless issues (mainly of technical nature). A written article. I could still optimize and still work on issues; however, there is a point where enough is enough. […]

I Am a Perfectionist. OH, REALLY SUNNY BOY??? Perfectionism and Procrastination.

perfectionism and procrastination

Perfectionism and procrastination – insecurity with lipstick on. John was a “perfectionist” or at least that’s what he said. John had a good job in XYZ technologies where he was a regional sales manager. He gave good, okay results, and both his sales team and superiors liked him. John was a happy man, until the […]

Freedom Is Not Free – Taking Conscious Decisions

freedom is not free

 “Freedom is not free “is a famous quote that not only applies to the sacrifices of our ancestors that granted us the freedom we’re enjoying now. But also applies on a personal level because even though we are free, some things in our lives hold us hostage. There is always a price to pay: it […]

Political Correctness Gone Mad

political correctness gone mad

Has political correctness gone mad? Today, the meteoric rise of political correctness is no secret, and it’s here to stay—at least for now. However, the extent to which political correctness influences innovation and creativity is unknown. And how far can the younger generation take initiatives that might offend an individual or special interest group out of […]

EGO, your biggest obstacle. Really?


I have been in the sales business all my life, and I have coached salespeople, sales managers, and business owners. But time after time, I stumble into the same obstacle to personal development: EGO. If I could give you only one piece of life advice, it would be: remove your ego from the picture — […]

Power of spoken words

the power of spoken words

It might be true that what you think is important and not what you say, it is sometimes however that what you say can at the end influence what you think, …. And what you think is going to influence your actions and the direction of your life. So… be very careful what you say, […]