Why I cannot work as an employee or the entrepreneur mindset.

entrepreneur mindset

Contact Alex Valassidis It takes more than you think! The entrepreneur mindset.    When I started my own business, over 20 years ago, I was involved on a conversation with a guy that tried to convince me to apply for what he regarded as a fantastic job on a company he admired. I could not […]

Addition by subtraction

addition by subtraction

Addition by subtraction   In many western societies having more is better. So you should seek on getting more money, buying more stuff, growing, getting bigger. Growth for capitalism is what keeps him alive, like a shark that needs to swim to breathe. If he does not, he dies.  However, fulfillment can also come by […]

How to come up with a winning business idea?

winning business idea

A winning business idea!   If you ask me to tell you what is the one thing that is most difficult to do as a businessman, as an entrepreneur, then certainly, 100%, the most difficult is to come up with a winning business idea.  Because the idea needs to be more than just an idea. […]

Answering the question: How to change my life?

how to change my life

How to change my life?  To honestly answer the question: how to change my life, you need to know how accurate the foundation of your beliefs is, and if those beliefs are those you think they are, or probably are artificial ones that serve specific purposes. Erin Pizzey is the woman who opened the world’s first […]

The guardians of the walls. How Denialism sets the ground for new problems to come?


Denialism, the guardians of the walls.    During the writing of this article, the operation “Guardians of the Walls” is in progress.  The story repeats itself and is not the first time that we saw similar actions and reactions from all sides involved in this crisis. Denialism is the actual cause of the conflict.    […]

Seek escalation – VIDEO

seek escalation

In relationships seek escalation. Stop being the nice guy and chose to be you the one that increases the tension. The natural route for relationships that do not escalate in your favour is either to escalate against you or to end and die. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nhLE13cvryQ Not seeking escalation in relationships is the natural progression of the education […]

Why I started this Blog? A written article.

a written article

A written article.    This Blog and website were supposed to start on the 1st of January 2021. Almost five months later, I post my first article after countless issues (mainly of technical nature). A written article. I could still optimize and still work on issues; however, there is a point where enough is enough. […]