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Sales development and optimization plan

This might be the most crucial step in the sales process.

We must understand your product/service/solution and your current sales approach correctly. Which market segments you are targeting, what is your unique value proposition, and which are the key decision-makers towards which you are aiming? 

This understanding of your business is essential to avoid a wrong communication strategy and to stop targeting the wrong players and prospects in the target organization.

Alex Valassidis sales consultancy spends time getting to know you, your customers, your staff, and your offering.

Technical Setup

After understanding your business, our development team begins your technical onboarding on the backend, setting up your accounts to reach the intended prospects. 

Always on a B2B level, and always GDPR compliant.

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(in all major European languages)

While the technical steps are being built, in parallel, our creative strategy team is writing enticing copy that will speak directly to your clients.

We have decades of HANDS-ON sales experience and know precisely how to succinctly describe your service, product, or solution in a way that gets your prospect interested.

We are based in the most cosmopolitan city of Europe, Barcelona, and can Copywrite not only in English but also in German, French, Spanish, or other European languages.

Lead Generation

A lead generation process can be either a straightforward procedure or a quite complex one.

Alex Valassidis sales consultancy can generate both simpler leads lists and highly complex ones accurately and with the most updated information possible.

Regarding complex lead generation:

A lead is a company (prospect company, potential client company) that aligns with the criteria you will define to us, which means targets specific markets/countries of interest in specific industries, organizations with a specific size, revenue generated, funding resources, technology used, etc.

Within those organizations:

Firstly, we understand the organization’s structure, the significance, and dependency between roles within it, depending on its type.

Then we identify:

  1. Key (main) decision maker
  2. Financial decision maker
  3. Satellite decision-makers
  4. Influencers
  5. 3rd party players that are of interest

We then conduct research and find their email addresses, their office and corporate mobile phone numbers, and LinkedIn details. This information is the best possible information you can get, always, of course, GDPR compliant.

That means one lead provided contains potentially multiple contacts (~ 3 – 10 contacts) within the prospect organization with the best and most accurate information available.

Our leads are HIGH QUALITY, EXCELLENT ones, where various agents and top-notch tools have been used.

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Sales Engagement

After review and approval of your targeted lead list and copy, your campaign is launched to get your message to the right people at scale. Our team members send outbound emails and social media connections on your behalf to generate the maximum possible results. 

The result? Increased Open, Click, and Response Rate. 

All positive, responsive replies are directly forwarded to you as leads so that you may use the call booking and CRM process of your choice.

If you choose to outsource also your sales engagement with us, then our SDR agents or senior salespeople are going to engage those leads, call them and generate “discovery calls” technical presentations and follow up until we close the sale. 

Data & Analytics

You will have access to any kind of analytics or reporting you can have.

We will generate substantial, easy-to-read, and actionable reports for you, where you can have a clear picture of our activities. 

You will know which contacts replied to your messages, which ones opened them, and which ones clicked on or showed interest in your LinkedIn connect or contact requests.

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