cold calling

Sales engagement – sales outsourcing. 

Depending on the nature of the project and its complexity, either a team of SDR (Sales Development Representatives) or a senior sales consultant or a combination of both are going to engage the generated leads and the Decisison Makers of interest.

Firstly we are going to email them, and then call them, establish communication and qualify them, and either arrange discovery calls between them and you or take over the whole sales process and follow up until we close the sale.

We “take ownership” of your sales. We not only initiate but also persist, insist, and follow- up until we deliver. We offer an A to Z service.

We have the infrastructure, native salespeople, and your company is going to have most probably an “English,” “German,” “Spanish,” “Italian” …salesperson in the market of interest. We can handle simultaneously multiple territories and countries.

Consultative sales are our strength.

Alex Valassidis consultancy drives the process, optimizes your time, and involves you only at key points of the sales process.

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