Online - or onsite, NON ACADEMIC, PRACTICAL sales training, that works.

Understand the Unique Sales Points of your product or service.

This is often a topic of causing deep misunderstandings. Many of our clients do not understand what their unique sales points are, what makes their product different, the reason why someone should choose their solution and not someone else’s. We are going to help you find what your Unique Sales Points are and how to underline them and pitch them.

Identify the right decision makers to speak to.

Do you really know with whom you need to speak in the organizations of interest? Do you understand that the size, the industry, the market of interest might make it hard to identify who the primary decision makers are, who the influencers are, the satellite decision makers and even third-party players?

Learn a practical way how you are going to generate high quality leads lists.

Do you know which tools to use to extract the information you need? Find more than just the email address and the corporate telephone number, find also the office number of your target persona and his mobile phone – (of course GDPR compliant).

learn how to place effective sales calls

Learn how to write "first contact" emails. How to effectively prepare your LinkedIn and sales navigator messages, how to prepare a results - oriented sales pitch and how to train so that you can deliver this effectively.

Learn how to pass the gate keepers.

Listen to raw recordings, learn the three basic rules when you communicate with the secretary, learn how to speak with the different types of secretaries and gate keepers.

Objection handling

Learn how handle even the hardest objections - learn not only what to say, but also how to say it. How to make objections work for you and not against you.

Learn how to set goals and achieve them.

How to set goals is a virtue, that very few people and sales managers understand. I am an expert on setting goals and achieving them. I am going to show you how to do this too.

Learn how to follow up.

Following up is easier than generating interest and bringing the people to the table, it is however the process where 50% of sales people fail. For a variety of reasons. We are going to change that.

Learn how to attract the attention of the person you are talking to within the first 10 seconds.

You have only about 10 crucial seconds to attract the attention of the executive you want to speak to. I know how you are going to make him listen to you.

Learn the one most important factor in becoming a super salesperson and how to acquire that skill.

I will not only provide you with information, I will change your mindset and improve your communication skills drastically.

Learn how to hire the proper salespeople.

Learn how to read behind the lines and hire the proper salespeople. Identify those qualities that characterize an effective sales person.

Learn the systems and operations to be used to run an effective sales team.

The last years I have helped dozens of companies digitalize their processes, save huge amounts of budget and most importantly - holistically increase the effectiveness of their operations. The world changes, your company needs to adapt, ASAP.

Increase your sales, revenue and profits.

Our training is going to bring an immediate increase in both the qualitative and quantitative effectiveness of your sales operations. You are going to break even your investment in a very short period of time.

I AM not going to let you down

Instead we are going to continue monitoring your business for the next months to come, help you overcome obstacles, advise you and help you until things run smoothly. I am not going to let you down. YOU CAN COUNT ON THAT!

Sales coaching & sales management services

Sales Development Plan


Sales Development Plan & Sales Process

I and my team need to understand your product/service/solution and your current sales approach correctly. Which market sectors you are targeting, what is your unique value proposition, and which are the key decision-makers you are aiming to? We will spend time getting to know you, your customers, your staff, and your offer.

This understanding of your business is essential to avoid a wrong communication strategy, stop targeting the wrong players and roles in the target organizations and construct your sales approach on the correct basis.

After we have a clear picture of the current sales situation and approach, we are going to:

Clarify our segmentation criteria and identify the markets, and key-decision makers we want to target and engage.
Define the steps to enter those specific markets.
Conceive and generate a clear message.
Create an expansion plan.
Design a solid, easy to follow up and apply sales process.
Prepare our communication strategy (email sequence, sales pitch, Linkedin messaging), train the sales team on how to pass gatekeepers, handle objections, pitch effectively, use the proper wording and follow up until they close the sale.

We are going to set up clear and simple goals and KPI’s and a reporting structure.

We have decades of experience in the field and are experts on the inside sales methodology and can either improve your existing sales team or train a new sales team from scratch and optimize them. 

Alex Valassidis sales management
Lead generation


Ongoing lead generation

We are going to make a market analysis and generate high quality leads in the geographical area(s) of interest.

Our market development team is going to search in parallel, online on a variety of sources and platforms to find potential prospects.

Next, we are going to scan the findings, refine the acquired results, and enrich them with the prospects’ accurate contact details.

Contact details may include but are not limited to the following: telephone numbers, email addresses, Linkedin details, geographical and market sector details.

Email Marketing - Monitoring and Linkedin communication.

We are going to send targeted emails to the decision makers of interest, create email sequences, split tests and email automations. Those emails are going to be simple and specific with a single call to action.
We are going to monitor those emails, see which ones were opened, which ones were clicked and forward the results further to the sales team for them to engage them, prioritize them and follow up.
Targeted Linkedin communication is going to be also implemented as it increases responsiveness and creates further opportunities.


email marketing

Ongoing sales coaching, sales training, and supervising of your existing or new sales team members.

I am going to work together with you and your team to determine the areas that may not be working as well as they should.

We are going to find out what the sales blockers and barriers are and overcome them, strategize, and develop a plan for moving your business forward.

I will help you take the right next steps and improve progressively.

I will identify the tasks that need to be performed, assist you in improving your systems within your business structure and I will work together with you and encourage you to do your best. 

I am going to hold you accountable for the actions that need to be taken.

I am not going to just deliver a report on what needs to be done, instead I and my team are going to collaborate with you or the assigned person in your organization to optimize your sales and sales processes.

My goal is NOT to be likeable. My goal is to improve your sales and bring permanent and constant real value to your organization.


Alex Valassidis Sales Coach

Why me? My unique selling points. 

1. Undisputable Integrity.
I am not going to let you down. I will work together with you to better and improve your business. 
2. Over 30 years of sales experience in a variety of industries and markets. Immense sales experience. 
3. Multilingual – Multicultural. 
I am half German and half Greek, married to a Mexican woman, and living over 10 years in Spain. I feel at home in Germany and the Anglo-Saxon countries, in the Balkans, the Middle East and Israel y naturalmente en todo el mundo hispanohablante! 

Other Services

Reporting and open communication channel

You are going to have an open communication channel between you and our management team, and you are going to receive analytical reports on the sales activities on the frequency that you want, even on a daily basis.


reporting alex valassidis


Hire new salespeople

We can help you search, interview, and hire new salespeople. We can take care of all the interviews, NDA’s to be signed and communication with them. You are going to decide with which ones you would like to work and under which conditions.

Optimize your CRM and systems

We can advise you and create for you an effective CRM structure, that can help you control, organize and increase your sales.

We can manage it, do all the operations needed and offer you laser focus visibility on your sales and operations. 

You are going to know EXACTLY where you stand at any point and what actions need to be done. A dedicated consultant is going to work behind the scenes on your behalf and report you on the activities of your sales team.