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Who am I?

In the year 2000 I created “InterSell” a Greek company that sold telecommunication products and services. We installed Wi-Fi systems in hotels, sold international calling cards, set up internet cafes in tourist destinations, and were the official distributors for the San Diego based company BBG Telecommunications. In collaboration with the Greek Telecom OTE, we were the salesforce behind their operated, assisted phone call services in the country.

There was a point in time whereby if you visited Greece as a tourist, you’d have likely used one of my services.

Unfortunately in 2008 the telecom industry started to change massively, roaming costs in Europe were dropped, and smartphones shifted all the communication to the mobile industry. InterSell closed in 2012. 

I came to Spain and started working from scratch as an inside sales agent for the German market. First for the sales and support of HP printers, then for the company CA technologies and their disaster recovery solution Arcserve before moving to the Barcelona-based Cyberthreat intelligence company Blueliv.

 As a previous business owner it wasn’t easy for me to work as an employee. 

I started working as a freelancer within a few months I created Vparagon, a sales outsourcing company, that I still advise and guide. 

In 2021 was created so that I can continue my passion to help individuals make money and add value to businesses. I do this by helping them create realistic, clear, exact, and transparent systems to improve their sales holistically.

10 years since launch


Let's talk.

Let me know what your challenges are. One of my associates or myself will contact you to arrange a ‘Discovery Call’ with you.

26 + International Projects

Up to now we’ve successfully helped over 26 companies with either direct consultancy, or as part of Vparagon – the sales outsourcing company that I manage and supervise.

It's not rocket science

A thriving collaboration needs to make sense for both parties. We need to understand your business, its requirements and challenges so that we can evaluate and see if we can achieve your expectations. If we think there’s a match I’ll send you my financial proposal. Then you can decide if and how we can proceed.

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