Why product knowledge is secondary for sales?

Product knowledge

Contact Alex Valassidis The complexity of today’s digital products but also complex physical products require a significant product knowledge of their functionality and capabilities so that those products can be sold. Do you agree? It is logical to agree, however, in this article I will prove to you that never in history the product knowledge […]

Pass the gatekeeper – 9 important rules

Pass the gatekeeper

Pass the Gatekeeper This is a video on the topic: “Pass the gatekeeper”.I was recorded at Diagonal Mar Toastmasters, Barcelona.To get in contact with me please click here: https://alexvalassidis.com/contact/To download the PDF and resources related to the video click here: https://alexvalassidis.com/passthegat…If you have questions regarding GDPR please click here: https://www.marketone.com/articles/le… Pass the Gatekeeper – Subtitles […]

Talent renting? Obviously, man does not only live by sharing cars, houses and leisure.

Talent renting

Have you ever wondered why in recent years successful collaborative business models such as BlabaCar, Cabify, AirBnb, Glovo, Wework, etc. have proliferated? Simple: nowadays consumers are not looking for a means of transportation, a home, tourist accommodation or office property, but a solution to their problems of transportation, mobility, new lifestyles linked to leisure or […]

Perceived and real value

real value

My will on trying to convince people of the intentions of my ideas and the real value they are going to receive declines year after year. The reason why is, I think, a combination of factors. From the one side, my engagement with easter philosophy the last years made me realize that I can not […]

The importance of setting goals

importance of setting goals

The importance of setting goals The importance of setting goals is a fundamental piece for the development and progress of an organization. It is like pandemic, but I have to say that most people I know are completely losers in all aspects of goal achievement, let alone goal setting, and goal identifying. Daily I meet […]

Thoughts on micromanaging


Micromanaging    “Ask yourself whether you have earned the right to have an opinion” quote Ray Dalio, that is the first thing that comes in my mind when I talk about micromanaging. The tendency micromanaging your staff is one of the biggest blockers on growing your business. With certainty! It is however the natural reaction […]

Effective business communication – The P.C.T.V. method

effective business communication

Hello ladies and gentlemen, The title of this article should have been effective communication instead of effective business communication, for SEO purposes however I chose the longer keyword, as its probability to rang high is superior. Communication is between human beings, and it can be that in a business environment certain aspects of the communication […]

Why add qualification questions on a sales pitch?

qualification questions

Why add qualification questions on a sales pitch? It does make the difference to include, prior to the ending of a sales conversation or a sales pitch qualification questions. What is the purpose of those questions? Do they really serve the goal that they claim?   Like most things in life, seldomly the stated reason […]

Sales and marketing relationship. Why the “maturity” of the lead is important?

sales and marketing relationship

Sales and marketing relationship The sales and marketing relationship is certainly a deep topic. Those 2 different sciences complement each other, they are related, but at the same time so far away from each other. If someone comes into my business and advertises his marketing skills for a sales role, that is certainly a “NO-GO” […]

Sales in Europe Masterclass – Practicebox

sales in Europe

Contact Alex Valassidis https://youtu.be/uQrXN_pRymg Sales in Europe: challenges and tips – Practice Box   In the masterclass, we will provide you with practical tips on how to sell your products or services in Europe from the expert who has been working in the EU for the last 10 years. Which countries are highly recommended for […]