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I'm Alex Valassidis.

I am an expert sales coach.

I've been rejected 1000's of times and heard millions of NO's. I NEVER GIVE UP!
Currently, I consult 11 companies globally, mainly in the Software and SaaS sector.

I give no nonsense, life and business advice FOR THE REAL WORLD, that is science based, empiric, pragmatic and brings results.

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This platform serves 2 different goals. 

On the one hand, to promote my sales coaching business, and on the other hand to break the noise and give uncompromised, non-bullshity advice out of today’s conformity. 

I can’t promise any miracles, but I might be able to help you make money and understand the world better.


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Alex Valassidis
31. August 2021
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Alex Valassidis
20. July 2021
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Alex Valassidis
13. July 2021
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Alex Valassidis
6. July 2021
I was impressed from the ignorance on sales operations, methods and the art of selling. 
I was stunned by the lost opportunities and the mismanagement of great salespeople from spineless sales managers that prioritized their “career” rather than the success of the company that hired them. 
I am here to change this. 
Alex Valassidis
Sales coach and Sales manager
Don't you think it is time to bring clarity and improve your sales?
Sales coaching - sales management services

Sales Development plan & sales process

After I have a clear picture of your current sales situation and approach, my team and I are going to: Clarify our segmentation criteria and identify the markets and key-decision makers we want to target and engage. Define the steps to enter those specific markets. Conceive and generate a clear message. Create an expansion plan. Design a ... read more

Ongoing lead generation

A dedicated team under my personal supervision generates HIGH QUALITY LEADS manually, searches on LinkedIn Sales Navigator and other platforms, uses their brain, dives into the prospects' website, and delivers the right decision-makers with their contact details.

Sales training, coaching, supervising

I have done sales all my life. From door to door, to cold calling and high sophisticated sales on the C level of companies globally. I can advise you, train your team and bring results.

reporting & open communication channel

You are going to have an open communication channel with me and my management team, and you are going to receive analytical reports on the sales activities on the frequency that you want, even on a daily basis.

Let me audit your sales operations, for free! 

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Alex Valassidis
5. October 2021
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Alex Valassidis
28. September 2021
Free Content
Alex Valassidis
21. September 2021
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The articles and videos in this blog are divided into 2 parts.

General life advice content that says things with their name and does not pretend to be something it is not, and practical, empiric sales articles and tips that solve real challenges.

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